Welcome to the revised STL Restaurant News

Welcome to the revised STL Restaurant News

ST LOUIS, MO (STLRestaurant.News) We are excited to announce that we have revised our restaurant news site with today’s effective launch.  Previously, it was dedicated to restaurants in the St. Louis region.  Then we added general news, which diluted what needs to happen now; save the restaurant industry.

Since the pandemic, the restaurant industry has been one of the hardest with forced shut-downs, restricted seating, and loss of labor caused by lack of revenue to support the staff.  According to the National Restaurant Association, more than 10% of restaurants have closed their doors forever.  In our opinion, more closures will come in the next few months.

Therefore, we have launched eOrderSTL, an online ordering platform for restaurants with a zero setup cost.  We charge a 15% commission, but we offer digital marketing to help drive traffic to the establishment and its online ordering platform.  CLICK to view a sample online ordering site on St. Louis Restaurant Review.

With our news sites, PBN, social media, and email marketing list, we can effectively market the establishment for no additional cost except for the commission.

Additionally, the restaurants get access to St. Louis Restaurant Directory.  With this access, each restaurant can post specials, events, or anything they want.  The post will be featured on the St. Louis Restaurant Directory and share social media belonging to St. Louis Restaurant Review.

Click on any of the links in this article for more information; call Marty at +1 417-529-1133 or email Marty@STLMedia.Agency.