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Gamlin Restaurant Group’s New Venture: 1764 Public House Coming Soon

Gamlin Restaurant Group's New Venture: 1764 Public House Coming Soon

Anticipation of Gamlin Restaurant Group’s Newest Venture: 1764 Public House

St. Louis, MO/September 27, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) – There’s a flurry of activity taking place surrounding the 1764 Public House, Gamlin Restaurant Group’s newest venture.  In addition to all the typical construction going on, they have been holding open interviews for server, bartender, cook, dishwasher, front of house manager and host at the Gamlin Whiskey House Barrel Room. (236 North Euclid Avenue)

Gamlin’s 1764 Public House will be an establishment that pays homage to the history and revival of St. Louis and the Central West End neighborhood.  There will be St. Louis inspiration throughout the restaurant starting with the name, which pays tribute to the year the city was founded.

The sampling of menu items will include some extremely tasty modern twists on local favorites.  Of course, as with all Gamlin Restaurant Group establishments, 1764’s menu will shine the spotlight on fresh, local flavors.

The upscale, casual restaurant located at 39 North Euclid Avenue will feature a vibrant nightlife scene; similar to the group’s other two popular restaurants, Sub Zero Vodka Bar and Gamlin Whiskey House.  This location will also feature breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as, late-night service.

Guests visiting the comfortable neighborhood public house will find a welcoming gathering spot to relax and enjoy friends.  They will also find a fun place to hang out and get to know more about St. Louis while having drinks at the spacious bar and chatting with people from around town.

The Central West End construction of 1764 Public House at 39 North Euclid Avenue is nearing completion with the restaurant scheduled to open this fall.  Anyone interested in interviewing for a position should complete an application online at http://1764pub.com/ before arriving for an interview.


By Kara Savio – published on STLRestaurant.News by St. Louis Media, LLC

Gamlin Restaurant Group with Their GDA Status: Ready for Earth Day

Gamlin Restaurant Group with Their GDA Status: Ready for Earth Day

Gamlin Restaurant Group Observes Green Dining Alliance Status on Earth Day

ST. LOUIS, MO/April , 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) Earth Day is coming up this weekend and there are local restaurants in St. Louis that make it a point all year round to keep their GDA status.  The Green Dining Alliance (GDA) is a program of St. Louis Earth Day that works in conjunction with restaurants to help protect the environment.  They do this by reducing their environmental impact through practical, pragmatic, cost-effective strategies.

Gamlin Restaurant Group restaurant, founded by brothers Derek and Lucas Gamlin, tries to be a leader in operating their restaurants so they will have a positive impact on the community and the planet.  Some of the ways they do so are by using locally sourced ingredients, in-house baking and energy conservation.  They even have an appointed team of employees to ensure they are meeting the standards set by the GDA.

This is the second year in a row that their Sub Zero Vodka Bar and Gamlin Whiskey House have been certified as Green Dining Alliance (GDA) establishments.  “Our Green Team is a group of employees who are always looking for new ways to make our restaurants more environmentally friendly, and ensure we can keep our GDA status,” says Proprietor Lucas Gamlin.

The restaurant group is committed to GDA core concepts like banning Styrofoam and #6 plastics, recycling restaurant waste, phasing in CFL or LED light bulbs, sharing utility data and goals for tracking improvements over time.  They also use a local water filtration system, which provides guests with filtered water in chilled glass bottles at each table in order to conserve water.

The Gamblin brothers began with Sub Zero Vodka Bar, the largest vodka selection in the country served alongside fresh sushi and gourmet burgers.  The company has grown to include Gamlin Whiskey House, which offers more than 250 whiskeys and fine wines.  It’s a Southern twist on a traditional steakhouse.

Both restaurants have received national awards, including being named Best Vodka Bar and one of the Best Whiskey Bars in the country by USA Today.  The Group’s newest establishment, 1764 Public House, is currently under construction at the corner of West Pine Blvd. and Euclid Ave. in St. Louis’ Central West End neighborhood.

There are more than 100 Green Dining Alliance certified restaurants in the St. Louis region.

Sub Zero Vodka Bar – 308 N. Euclid Ave. 314-367-1200 subzerovodkabar.com
Gamlin Whiskey House – 236 N. Euclid 314-875-9500 gamblinwhiskeyhouse.com