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With hundreds or even thousands of restaurants in the St. Louis area there is always something to report. We publish articles about new restaurant openings, closings, change of location, addition of location, specials, and much more.

St. Louis has turned into the culinary capital of the midwest with much national recognition featuring award-winning chef, food trucks, award-winning fine dining restaurants like Charlie Gitto’s and much more, St. Louis has something for just about every culinary taste and budget.

We welcome information from restaurants. They can either provide us with information for us to consider publishing or they can purchase a press release online for a reasonable fee. The press release will remain on STLRestaurant.News indefinately, aggregated by Google News, Bing News, Apple News, News360, Blogarama, 50+ social sites and much more. Our content distribution is massive as we have created a social media network that provides coverage to just about every social site that offers an attractive audience.

Restaurants in the St. Louis metro area can also list their establishment in our online directory and help their SEO efforts with a highly valued relevant link to their restaurant website enhancing their online visibility.

St. Louis offers a spectacular dining experience with foods and cuisines from around the world, some award-winning and some designed to make it affordable to eat. St. Louis offers some of the best fine dining restaurants, chefs and attractions offering something to everybody regardless of their networth, taste, budget, race, gender or background.

Be sure to visit STLRestaurant.News on a regular basis to discover what St. Louis area restaurants have to offer the community. The local restaurant scene changes on a daily basis due to its size. Don’t miss the latest local restaurant news, which is designed to enhance your dining experiences and lifestyle.

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Our writers are local, highly educated with a high level of interest in the local culinary and dining scene. We offer our publication with minimal advertisements and our articles are unbiased. We attempt to cover every style and type of restaurant in the local dining scene to best serve our readers of all social levels, taste, budget and interests.

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