The Best Cheap Happy Hours in St. Louis

The Best Cheap Happy Hours in St. Louis

The Top 10 Happy Hours in St. Louis — that Won’t Break the Bank

St. Louis, MO/June 25, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) Happy Hours – Happy Hour is that special time of day when restaurants and bars offer discounted drinks, appetizers, and entertainment in order to lure in customers.  Although the term dates back to Shakespeare’s King Henry V, and was also used to describe organized entertainment for U.S. sailors during World War II, Prohibition brought us the modern definition of the term.  “Happy hour” was code for meeting friends for a secret drink before going out to dinner in an alcohol-free restaurant.  So, it’s speakeasies that popularized having drinks before dinner.  Today’s happy hour is usually several hours long and takes place in late afternoon or early evening, just as people are getting out of work.  So it’s not surprising that a bar or restaurant offering a great happy hour is a terrific place to meet up with coworkers and friends before heading home.

St. Louis’s rich and diverse restaurant/bar scene includes happy hour.  There are literally thousands of places in the metro area to enjoy discounted apps and drink specials with friends.  Even with the discounts, too much after work reveling can put a real strain on the pocketbook.  So, we wanted to know where to go for a great happy hour that wouldn’t break the bank.  We checked the customer reviews and found St. Louis’ favorite bars, pubs, taverns, and restaurants offering cheap drinks and eats during happy hour.

Topping our list of the best, cheap happy hours is the Tick Tock Tavern at 3459 Magnolia Ave. in Tower Grove East.  This cash-only neighborhood bar offers kitschy decor (owls, clocks, bric-a-brac), plenty of craft brews on tap and packaged, and sometimes free live entertainment.  Tick Tock Tavern had been a neighborhood watering hole from the 1970s to the mid-1990s, but closed for a few decades.  New owners reopened Tick Tock in 2014.  The old corner bar still offers the comfortable vibe of a neighborhood bar, but now instead of two-taps offering Busch beer, they have a rotating set of taps offering Schlafly, Civil Life, and a host of locally made beers, ciders and meads, along with a full bar.  This isn’t a ritzy, flashy place, but it is St. Louis’ favorite cheap happy hour.

Our Top 10 list of the best cheap happy hours in St. Louis is an eclectic assortment of establishments that include taverns, neighborhood bars, and nightclubs.  There’s a bowling alley, a pinball lounge, and an art bar with one of the best patios in St. Louis.  Here are St. Louis’ favorite spots for fun, cheap happy hours:

1. Tick Tock Tavern (4.61 star/80 reviews) Tower Grove East, 3459 Magnolia Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63118.
2. The Heavy Anchor (4.54 stars/97 reviews) Bevo, 5226 Gravois Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63116, (314) 352-5226.
3. Shady Jack’s Saloon (4.50 stars/90 reviews) Near North Riverfront, 1432 North Broadway, Saint Louis, MO 63102, (314) 241-4644.
4. Colorado Bob’s Ship of Fools (4.48 stars/60 reviews) Tower Grove South, 3457 Morganford Road, Saint Louis, MO 63116, (314) 772-7564.
5. Amsterdam Tavern (4.45 stars/85 reviews) Tower Grove South, 3175 Morganford Road, Saint Louis, MO 63116, (314) 772-8224.
6. Venice Cafe (4.42 stars/157 reviews) Benton Park, 1903 Pestalozzi Street, Saint Louis, MO 63118, (314) 772-5994. Goes until 8p.!
7. Crack Fox (4.39 stars/110 reviews) Downtown, 1114 Olive Street, Saint Louis, MO 63101, (314) 621-6900.
8. Saratoga Lanes (4.32 stars/73 reviews) Maplewood, 2725 Sutton Blvd., Saint Louis, MO 63143, (314) 645-5308.
9. The Silver Ballroom (4.32 stars/74 reviews) Bevo, 4701 Morganford Road, Saint Louis, MO 63116, (314) 832-9223.
10. The Clubhouse (4.27 stars/55 reviews) Affton, 9420 Gravois Road, Affton, MO 63123, (314) 696-2285.

With thousands of happy hours to choose from, it’s not surprising that there are several popular joints that just haven’t had enough reviews (minimum 50) to make our top 10 list.  These places also offer terrific and cheap happy hours and received high marks from customers, so we give them Honorable Mentions:

The Waiting Room Bar & Venue (4.75 stars/49 reviews) St Ann, 10419 St. Charles Rock Road, Saint Ann, MO 63074, (314) 890-8333.
SuWaller’s Bar & Grill (4.55 stars/29 reviews) Maryland Heights, 2101 Warson Road, Saint Louis, MO 63114, (314) 426-2600.
The Cue (4.42 stars/36 reviews) Maplewood, 3632 South Big Bend Blvd, Maplewood, MO 63143, (314) 781-3501.


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