Midtown Sushi and Ramen
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ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News)Opened in January of this year, Midtown Sushi and Ramen originally went by a more prosaic moniker: Midtown Sushi. After realizing their branding failed to reflect what makes their restaurant unique and highly irresistible, a new name was considered and later adopted.

Located in midtown on Forest Park Avenue, just west of where it ends at Interstate 64 and South Grand Boulevard, Midtown Sushi and Ramen takes the craft of sushi and the presentation of ramen incredibly seriously. Amusingly stated by a restaurant goer, “The selection of nigiri sushi and rolls is the least interesting thing on the restaurant’s menu.”

People flock to the new Japanese restaurant for one thing and one thing only: the ramen. Owned by a native Japanese entrepreneur, their ramen options and tastes are unmistakably Japan. The restaurant’s recipes draw from the traditions of Kyushu, Japan’s southwestern-most island and the home of Hakata-style ramen.

The result? Ramen that people talk about across the country.


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