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The Top 10 Brunch Spots Around St. Louis

Brunch Spots

Find the Perfect Place for that Perfect Meal – Brunch Spots

St. Louis, MO/December 26, 2016 (STLRestaurant.News) – Brunch Spots – Many consider it the best meal of the day: brunch. St. Louis loves brunch and there are terrific places to get this old English “hangover cure” all over the metro area.  The choices run from simple bakery cafes and coffee shops to fine dining establishments.  There are scores of restaurants around town that offer brunch every weekend.  Some even offer it every day.  We wanted to know who does it best, so we did what we always do to find the best: we turned to customer reviews.

According to the folks who brunch around St. Louis, the best can be found in the city’s historic Benton Park neighborhood at The Mud House, 2101 Cherokee Street, St. Louis.  That didn’t come as a big surprise, since they’re already known as a great place for coffee, and for breakfast or lunch.  In fact, The Mud House topped our list of the best Internet cafes in St. Louis.

The Mud House’s casual, but sophisticated menu was created by Chef Chris Bork, and it has brunch written all over it.  They offer some of the most delicious breakfast sandwiches in town, all served on fresh ciabatta with a side of dressed greens.  Their English Breakfast may be the ultimate brunch choice.  It’s two sunny eggs with sautéed mushrooms and greens, baked beans, bacon, toast and jam.  You can make that vegan by subbing Match Soy Chorizo if you like.  Of course their famous Mud Slinger is a great brunch option too.  It’s roasted potatoes smothered with vegetarian black bean chili, cheddar, and red onion topped with two sunny eggs.  It comes with toast.  You can add bacon or ham, or truffled French onion dip if you like.  They also offer a Vegan Slinger made with tofu scramble and olive oil toast.  There’s also French toast with apple compote & spiced mascarpone, biscuits & gravy, grits, grilled cheese, daily quiche specials and “Dat Hash” topped with poached eggs.

Owners Casey and Jeremy Miller have kept the focus on locally sourced ingredients, expertly prepared and served in relaxing environment.  That includes the coffee.  There are cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, and cold brews.  You’ll also find some thoughtful, surprising combinations like the Rosemary & Honey Latte.  Make yours vegan by choosing almond, hemp, or soy milks.  They also offer some nice selections from St. Louis’ Retrailer Tea Company, and from Kilogram Tea of Chicago.  All that, plus free Wi-Fi! Bonus: The Mud House will be open and serving brunch on New Year’s Day starting at 10:00 a.m!

Since some of us don’t think it’s brunch without a Mimosa or Bloody Mary on the menu, we’ve noted which of the restaurants on our list serve alcohol, and which don’t.  Not all are open New Year’s Day, but they all do offer brunch on a regular basis.  So here are the best places to get brunch in St. Louis according to customers:

1. The Mud House (4.5 stars/631 reviews) Benton Park, 2101 Cherokee Street, Saint Louis, MO 63118, (314) 776-6599. (Coffee, Tea, Juice)
2. Southwest Diner (4.5 stars/364 reviews) Ellendale, 6803 Southwest Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63143, (314) 260-7244. (Coffee, Tea, Juice)
3. Russell’s on Macklind (4.5 stars/299 reviews) Southampton, 5400 Murdoch Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63109, (314) 553-9994. (Full bar)
4. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar (4.5 stars/136 reviews) Frontenac, 1855 South Lindbergh Blvd, Saint Louis, MO 63131, (314) 567-7610. (Full bar)
5. Picasso’s Coffee House (4.5 stars/135 reviews) St. Charles, 101 N Main Street, Saint Charles, MO 63301, (636) 925-2911 (Coffee, Tea, Juice, Beer & Wine)
6. 2Schae Cafe (4.5 starS/134 reviews) DeBaliviere Place, 275 Union Blvd, Saint Louis, MO 63108, (314) 361-5333. (Coffee, Tea, Juice)
7. Egg (4.5 stars/126 reviews) Benton Park, 2200 Gravois Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63104, (314) 202-8244. (Full bar)
8. Caruso’s Deli (4.5 stars/108 reviews) Downtown, 1312 Washington Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63103, (314) 588-1096 (Coffee, Tea, Juice, Beer & Wine)
9. Bike Stop Cafe (4.5 stars/105 reviews) St. Charles, 701 South Riverside Drive, Saint Charles, MO 63301, (636) 724-9900. (Coffee, Tea, Juice, Beer & Wine)
10. The Living Room (4.5 stars/60 reviews) Maplewood, 2808 Sutton Blvd, Maplewood, MO 63143, (314) 899-0173. (Coffee, Tea, Juice)

Since we love brunch, here are some other choices across the metro area that are worth checking out.  Honorable Mentions go to:

The Tavern Kitchen And Bar (4.5 stars/55 reviews) Central West End, 392 North Euclid Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63108, (314) 696-8400. (Full Bar)
Cafe Madeleine (4.5 stars/29 reviews) Tower Grove Park, 4256 Magnolia Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63110, (314) 575-5658. (Full Bar)
Milque Toast Bar in McKinley Heights, 2212 South Jefferson Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63104, (314) 833-0085. (Coffee, Tea, Juice)
The Egg & I in the Metro-East, 455D Regency Park, O’Fallon, IL 62269, (618) 624-3440. (Coffee, Tea, Juice)


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Central West End restaurant officially closes – Nathalie’s


Nathalie’s restaurant closed its doors for good

St. Louis, MO/December 11, 2016 (STLRestaurant.News) Nathalie’s, a community-stop and wholesome family restaurant that brought smiles and joy to many in attendance, recently closed their doors for good.  The restaurant, located in the Central West End of St. Louis, first announced the closure on their Facebook page in mid-October, and has ended their restaurant operation once and for all.  Nathalie Pettus, owner of Nathalie’s at 4365 Lindell Blvd., was incredibly saddened to see the doors close.  As Pettus put it for the St. Louis Business Journal this past Monday, “The restaurant business is tough, especially if you happen to be a destination one.”

Pettus attributes the restaurant’s location to part of the reason why it was not able to weather the food industry storm.  Nathalie’s was situated away from the centralized action along Euclid Avenue.  The distance, she claims, left the restaurant out of visitor’s view, and unaware it was even an option.

Nathalie’s was a farm-to-table restaurant, sourcing its meat and produce from the local Overlook Farm in Clarksville, Missouri, which is also owned by Pettus.  The restaurant focused on providing visitors with community-raised and farmed meals, which are better for our health and the surrounding mini-economies.

Pettus has her head up, and is setting her sights on Overlook and connecting people with their farm products.  She stated, “We still have our inns, we do weddings, and we have a seasonal restaurant there.”  The farm hosts four inns, Cedarcrest Manor, Avalon House, Rackheath House, and a bridal cottage.  The farm also contains several wedding venues full of aesthetic views and styles for any kind of bride.

Prior to Nathalie’s restaurant, the space placed host to another restaurant owned by Nathalie called Savor.  That restaurant closed its doors in 2008.  Before Savor, the space was a funeral home.

Pettus is the owner of the 4365 Lindell Blvd. property, and state she plans to sell it as soon as possible.


Picture courtesy of Best Restaurant in St. Louis Facebook page



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Top 10 Italian Restaurants

Top 10 Italian Restaurants in St. Louis – Charlie Gitto’s takes the lead

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) We first published the Top 10 Italian Restaurants in St. Louis list on June 27th, revised it in July and revising it again as there has been a major change in the first place rating.  For some time now, Anthonino’s Taverna, located on The Hill as well, was rated the #1 Italian Restaurant in St. Louis, however, Charlie Gitto’s has replaced it taking the spotlight as the #1 Italian Restaurant in St. Louis, MO with 566 online reviews from customers that determine the rankings.

These positions are highly competitive.  The tension is probably unimaginable to most of us as perfection is the norm for these top-rated restaurants and restaurateurs.  Big money is at stake, not to mention big reputations.

Charlie Gitto’s has been located on The Hill since the mid-1980’s.  They have grown, adding two locations, one in Chesterfield, MO on Olive Blvd and the other at Hollywood Casino in Maryland Heights, MO.  Charlie Gitto’s is not only the best Italian restaurant in St. Louis, but they are rated as the 6th best restaurant in the St. Louis area.

According to our public database, currently, the “Top 10 Italian Restaurants in St. Louis, MO” are:

  1. Charlie Gitto’s – Rated #6 of 2281 Restaurants in St. Louis – 4.5 Star
  2. Anthonino’s Taverna – #9 of 2281 Restaurants in St. Louis – 4.5 Star
  3. Zia’s Restaurant – #14 of 2281 Restaurants in St. Louis – 4.5 Star
  4. Roberto’s Restaurant – #14 of 2281 Restaurants in St. Louis – 4.5 Star
  5. Tony’s Restaurant – #17 of 2281 Restaurants in St. Louis – 4.5 Star
  6. Pi Pizzeria (Washington Street) #18 of 2281 Restaurants in St. Louis – 4.5 Star
  7. Cafe Napoli – #22 of 2281 Restaurants in St. Louis – 4.5 Star
  8. Pastaria – #23 of 2281 Restaurants in St. Louis – 4.5 Star
  9. Trattoria Marcella – #32 of 2281 Restaurants in St. Louis – 4.5 Star
  10. The Crossing – #33 of 2281 Restaurants in St. Louis – 4.5 Star

As you can see the competition is fierce with all 10 restaurants scoring a 4.5 Star rating with each having between 154 to more than 600 reviews.  To say that the competition for this position is fierce, is an understatement.   Considering that there are thousands of restaurants in the St. Louis area and to rank in the Top 10 at all is amazing, not to mention impressive, but to rank #1 is an unimaginable accomplishment.  It is amazing that one organization can please that many people.  It is a big statement about how they do business, but more importantly, it proves that they know how to serve the finest cuisine with great service to receive these kind of reviews from customers.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Charlie Gitto Jr. for this unimaginable accomplishment.  It is a well-deserved recognition that one should be proud of.   We would like to congratulate the entire staff at all three Charlie Gitto’s locations because an accomplishment of this magnitude is an example of some spectacular team work.  Great job Charlie!

Previous Article About Charlie Gitto’s

Contact information:

Charlie Gitto’s

Attention: Samantha K. Vogt, Assistant to the President

Phone: (314) 772-8898

Email: svogt@charliegittos.com




DineOutSTL.com Intro Video

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) DineOutSTL.com is a locally owned/managed online restaurant directory that is dedicated to the St. Louis restaurant industry.  The St. Louis restaurant directory has been online for approximately two years offering directory listings, which include name, address, links to restaurants website and social site, menu and more.  Additionally, DineOutSTL maintains an active blog intended to inform the public about the local restaurant scene.

Consumers can find, rate and post reviews about St. Louis area restaurants.  Restaurants can subscribe to listings, featured listings on the front page or on the category page.  Additionally, restaurants can pay to have articles published on the blog page of DineOutSTL to further enhance their online visibility and increase their customer base.

Currently, some of the featured listings are; Charlie Gitto’s, Candicci’s Restaurant and Bar, Talayna’s Italian Restaurant, J Green’s Pub, Magpies on Main, Imo’s Pizza in Chesterfield, D’s Place, Krieger’s Sports Grill, 1860’s Saloon and more.  If you are interested in subscribing, you can view some of these featured listings to see what you get for a subscription in DineOutSTL.com.

Directory listings are an excellent online strategy to strengthen a restaurants online presence.  Search engines monitor a websites inbound link count and quality of links to help determine where to rank a website in search results.  Your listing in DineOutSTL will assure a higher online visibility and assure that a restaurant website will rank higher in search results.  A website needs “relevant” links and mentions to rank high in search results.  DineOutSTL helps restaurants accomplish those tasks, but more importantly, it will help to increase your in-store traffic.

“DineOutSTL.com is highly optimized and properly indexed with the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex”, says Dave Myers of St. Louis Media, LLC.  “Web design and SEO is part of our business and DineOutSTL.com is an example of the quality of work you can expect from St. Louis Media”, says Myers.

Contact information:


Phone: (314) 808-187 or (417) 529-1133

Email: WebTechGroupSTL@gmail.com

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Taste of St Louis

Taste of St Louis @ Chesterfield Amphitheater

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News)  Budweiser Taste of St Louis began yesterday.  Don’t worry you haven’t missed the best part of it.  While events were cancelled last night, events are scheduled to resume today, Saturday, September 17th at 11 am until 10 pm.  Hours for tomorrow, Sunday September 18th begin at 11 am until 7 pm.

The Taste of St Louis is the food event of the year.  This event has been voted St. Louis’ Best Food Event by St. Louis Magazine’s A-List Readers Choice Poll for three years running.  Additionally, this event supports a number of various charities.  Over the years this event has raised more than $380,000 in donations to benefit worthy missions such as Food Outreach, St. Patrick Center, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Blues Society, Benton Park Neighborhood Association and Soulard Restoration Group to name a few.

While we are not comfortable suggesting that you attend this event rather than visiting your favorite restaurant, it is a highly recommended event to attend.  You will more than likely find your next new favorite restaurants that will enhance your dining experience.  We obviously love restaurants!  The best restaurants deserve the support of its community.  Restaurants are an important part of our social system.

314 Hot Sauce Restaurant Row participants are – Mission Taco Joint, Steve’s Hot Dogs, Sugarfire, Strange Donuts, Ices Plain Fancy, Edge Wild, Twisted Ranch, Locoz Tacoz, Prsino, The Dam (Slow Food Fast), drunken fish, aya sofia, Pica-Di-Yo, LuLu Chinese Express, Walnut Grill, Oberweis, Cafe Blue, naked bacon, The Rice House, Dalie’s SmokeHouse, Hot Wok, Sheridan’s, Hank’s, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Anis, Joe Barcardi’s, Riverbend, Rearn Thai Restaurant, Michael’s Bar & Grill, Ruth’s Chris, burger809, Bayou Seasoning & Catering, tazé, Tivanov Catering Company, Tuscanos Brazilian Grill and Volpi American Crafted along with many other events, live music and more.

Contact information:

Budweiser Taste of St. Louis




ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) – Some great news for some past old time patrons….a familiar haunt is back open for business.  Missouri Bar & Grille, fondly referred to by regulars as “MoBar,” reopened after more than year-long closure with a refurbished new look and brand new concept.  The old familiar drinking hole, opened on April 1st with a refined, modernized interior and some fun new menu items.  What used to be a cafeteria style restaurant is now a sports bar with grilled food.

Co-Owners Louis Panopoulos, along with his brother, Jim Panopoulos, wanted to honor their brother and keep his legacy alive.  Trifon Panopoulos was the owner for 33 years, before he passed away in 2013.  And he ran it by keeping it open 365 days a year, seven days a week, so the brothers have big shoes to fill.

Besides featuring an updated kitchen and remodeled bar, you can expect to see higher ceilings, new lighting and some fun entertainment items such as darts, a shuffleboard and a spirited jukebox.  The brothers are still serving popular mainstay items from MoBar’s previous menu, including steak sandwiches, gyros and toasted ravioli.  But they’ve added on crispy, thin-crust pizzas with your options of combinations sold in three different sizes.  They also now offer tasty appetizers, like chili-cheese nachos, spinach and artichoke dip with pita chips, as well as spicy feta.

They love their old time regulars but are hoping to entice a whole new younger crowd this time around. And with 3,500-square-feet of room that accommodates 97 seats, there’s plenty of room.  So, whether you’re wanting a great meal, or are looking for a fun happy hour with good discounted food and drinks, Missouri Bar & Grille is where you might want to head.

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Contributing Editor – Kara Savio – FacebookYouTube

Picture courtesy of St. Louis Business Journal

Contact information:

Missouri Bar & Grille

Louis Panopoulos or Jim Panopoulos

701 North Tucker

St. Louis, MO

Phone: (314) 202-8791

Email: missouribarandgrille@gmail.com