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Two Plumbers Offers Craft Beer & Video Games in St. Charles

Two Plumbers

St. Charles’ Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade Now Open

St. Charles, MO/March 27, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) – St. Charles County has a brand new way to play.  Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade at 2236 First Capitol Drive opened for business on March 18th.  It’s one of just a handful of establishments nationwide to combine the arcade bar experience with house-brewed beer.  Two Plumbers was named to honor Mario and Luigi, Nintendo’s famous video game brothers who first emerged to save New York from the monsters in its sewers in 1983.  As Mario Brothers, they went on to rescue the hapless Pauline from the great ape Donkey Kong, and to arcade racing fame in Mario Kart, becoming the faces of Nintendo’s brand.

Two Plumbers Brewery & Arcade, St. Charles, MO

Two Plumbers Brewery & Arcade, St. Charles, MO

The new brewhouse and arcade near Lindenwood University is the collaborative creation of childhood friends Robert Schowengerdt and John Simon.  A longtime video game fan, Schowengerdt’s background is in animation.  Simon is a microbiologist.  With a decade of home brewing experience, plus time spent in the breweries of Six Row Brewing Co. and Ferguson Brewing Co, he’s leading the brewing operations.

Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade is an adults-only (over 21) establishment offering small-batch craft beer.  There are ten taps with seasonal offerings and two year round beers: a honey blond called Pauline (the damsel in distress in Donkey Kong), and an American brown ale called Braunen Mantel (German for “brown coat”), which is a nod to the rebels in the sci-fi TV series Firefly. You’ll also find the wares of other craft brewers like Firestone Walker (Buellton, CA), Founders Brewing (Grand Rapids, MI), Logboat Brewing (Columbia, MO) and others.

The arcade and bar occupies more than 3,000 square feet in an unassuming looking strip mall.  Inside there’s an industrial vibe and seating for about 80.  The space is centered by long, beer hall style tables, and surrounded by the bright, inviting lights of more than 25 video games and a wall of 10 pinball machines.  Customers will find everything from the classic Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, and Frogger to Mortal Combat and imported Japanese gaming consoles.

Schowengerdt and Simon are part of an emerging beer making community west of the Missouri River.  St. Charles County has been called a craft beer desert.  A few breweries have begun to fill that void.  Two Plumbers is the newest.  As such, they’re hosting a Marquee event during this year’s St. Charles County Craft Beer Week (April 22-29, 2017).  Join them Friday, April 28th from 8:30 p.m. to midnight for Brewery + Arcade Night.

Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade is open Tuesday – Friday from 3:00 p.m. to Midnight and Saturdays from noon to 1:30 a.m.  Be advised that this is a craft brewery and arcade, not a restaurant.  So if you want food, you’ll probably want to bring your own.  The owners say they are working to add (locally produced) Dan O’s frozen pizza.  It should be available at the bar in the next few weeks.  Even so, customers are welcome to bring in their own food, or have it delivered to them at the arcade.

Contact Information:

Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade
Owner: Robert Schowengerdt
Brewmaster: John Simon
2236 First Capitol Drive
St. Charles, MO 63301
Phone: (636) 224-8626

The Top 10 Wine Bars in St. Louis

Top 10 Wine Bars in St. Louis

St. Louis’ 10 Best Wine Bars

ST. LOUIS, MO/March 25, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) Top 10 Wine Bars in St. Louis – Wine is the new black.  But you could say it was the old black too.  So does that make wine retro, like its again-popular sidekick fondue?  No.  Wine is the little black dress of dining.  It’s a classy choice that never goes out of style.  Just as hemlines change, our taste in wine may undergo subtle changes over time, but we know we can count on it to elevate a night out.

St. Louis loves wine.  We are fortunate to live in a city surrounded by award winning vintners and wineries.  But you don’t have to head to Augusta or Ste. Genevieve to have a great wine experience.  A fantastic culinary city like St. Louis is rich with wine-drinking destinations, including an impressive list of wine bars.  So we checked customer reviews to find out where St. Louis likes to enjoy a glass.

It turns out St. Louis’ favorite wine bar is in St. Charles. Bella Vino Wine Bar and Tapas is cozy spot along Historic Main Street in Old Town St. Charles.  It’s a popular stop for drinks before or after dinner.  It’s also a terrific choice to enjoy a glass from their global wine list and tapas, or small plates in the Spanish tradition.  They’re also a top 10 destination for salad, ranking #2 on our January list of The Best Salads in St. Louis. Bella Vino’s menu was made to go well with wine.  Besides fantastic salads, it includes a cheese and meat board, chorizo stuffed dates, four cheese fondue, plus flat-breads, and desserts.  They also have a terrific fireplace to warm the chilliest day, and lovely patio in warmer weather.

While many of the wine bars on our top 10 list offer more than wine and nibbles, all of them offer wine lovers a special place to relax with friends and family, and enjoy are really great glass of wine.

1. Bella Vino Wine Bar & Tapas (4.54 stars/265 reviews) St Charles, 325 South Main Street, St. Charles, MO 63301, (636) 724-3434.
2. The Wine Tap (4.51 stars/122 reviews) Belleville, 223 East Main Street, Belleville, IL 62220, (618) 239-9463.
3. Olive + Oak (4.46 stars/242 reviews) Webster Groves, 102 W Lockwood Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63119, (314) 736-1370.
4. 33 Wine Shop & Bar (4.46 stars/83 reviews) Lafayette Square, 1913 Park Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63104, (314) 231-9463.
5. Twisted Tree Steakhouse (4.39 stars/116 reviews) Sunset Hills, 10701 Watson Road, Saint Louis, MO 63127, (314) 394-3366.
6. Scarlett’s Wine Bar (4.33 stars/57 reviews) Central West End, 4253 Laclede Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63108, (314) 797-8223. Bridge Tap House and Wine Bar (4.32 stars/700 reviews) Downtown, 1004 Locust Street, Saint Louis, MO 63101, (314) 241-8141.
7. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar (4.31 stars/266 reviews), Frontenac, 1855 South Lindbergh Blvd., Saint Louis, MO 63131, (314) 567-7610.
8. Louie’s Wine Dive & Clayton Kitchen (4.27 stars/86 reviews) Clayton, 16 South Bemiston, Clayton, MO 63105, (314) 875-9373.
9. Ernesto’s Wine Bar (4.23 stars/132 reviews) Benton Park, 2730 McNair Ave., St Louis, MO 63118, (314) 664-4511.
10. Robust Wine Bar & Cafe (4.16 stars/258 reviews) Webster Groves, 227 W Lockwood Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63119, (314) 963-0033.
Honorable Mention:

The Vino Gallery (4.58 stars/19 reviews), Central West End, 4701 McPherson Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63108, (314) 932-5665.  This place is part retail wine boutique, part tasting bar, and part art gallery.  They specialize in smaller production, artisan wines, and beers.  They hold wine tastings on Saturdays, view gallery exhibits featuring local artists.  Customers enjoy sampling at the tasting bar or splitting a bottle with friends on the patio.  Bonus: this is a dog friendly establishment.

Fire Damages Lewis & Clark’s Restaurant in St. Charles

Fire damages

Historic Main Street Restaurant Temporarily Closed After Blaze

St. Charles, MO/March 9, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) — A popular restaurant along St. Charles’ historic Main Street is temporarily closed after a late night fire.  Lewis & Clark’s Restaurant at 217 South Main Street was ablaze when firefighters were sent to the scene about 12:30 Wednesday morning.  Battalion Chief Dan Casey of the St. Charles Fire Department said crews arrived to find heavy smoke pouring from the roof and back of the building.

Chief Casey said the fire began in the kitchen.  He said the size, age, and type of structure caused additional concern in battling the fire, so a second alarm was called.  Lewis & Clark Restaurant occupies a three-story brick building that dates back to the late 1800’s.  The chief credits the installed sprinkler/fire suppression system with keeping the damage to a minimum.  He said that allowed his men to get the fire under control fairly quickly.  Still, Chief Casey said the whole building sustained heavy smoke and water damage.

Lewis & Clark’s American Restaurant and Public House opened in St. Charles’ historic shopping district in 1985.  Dan Badock (of Soulard’s Restaurant fame) bought the established restaurant from founder Bob Kirkwood in 2012.  Badock posted this message Wednesday on the restaurant’s Facebook Page: “We had a Fire early this morning. We will Re Open (sic) after Repairs… I will keep you my loyal customers and friends posted.  Sorry for any Inconvenience.”  Repairs are reportedly expected to take about a month to complete.

Lewis & Clark’s offers classic American fare, including steaks, seafood, and burgers.  The casual restaurant is known for its ample dining and event space, picture windows, and balcony seating, which offers nice views of the Missouri River and historic Main Street.

Olivino Is Bringing Good Taste to St. Charles

Olivino, St. Charles, MO

Tickling the Taste Buds with Ultra-Premium Samples at Olivino

St. Charles, MO/February 27, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) – Olive oil, like the fruit itself, has been a part of civilization since before recorded history. Many chefs consider it the most essential, elemental ingredient in their craft.  Extra-virgin is the highest grade of olive oil.  It’s pressed straight from the olive, without the use of chemicals or excessive heat, so it retains the sweetest, purest flavor profile.  The very best extra-virgin olive oils can finish a dish like nothing else can.  Olivino Tasting Bar at 1650 Beale Street #167, in the Streets of St. Charles, is giving home cooks and foodies the chance to sample Ultra-Premium extra-virgin olive oils before buying them—and amazing balsamic vinegars too!

Olivino owner Debbie Baker-Oliver is a former corporate executive with a passion for good food that’s contagious.  Lucky for us, she’s channeling that passion into a business that will make all our lives more delicious.  Let’s face it, gourmet items like olive oil and balsamic can be intimidating to the home cook.  It can be difficult to find the ones that suit our individual palates.  Many of us don’t even know where to start.  That’s where Olivino comes in!  This specialty food shop gives customers the chance to sample the very best olive oils from around the world, and balsamic vinegars from the birthplace of balsamic, Modena, Italy.  All of the olive oils and balsamics at Olivino are sourced from Veronica Foods, sticklers for quality and the “real deal” when it comes to EVOO and balsamics.

The olive oils you’ll find at Olivino bear the Ultra-Premium (UP) logo.  To earn the UP designation, these extra-virgin olive oils must exceed worldwide standards for olive oil quality.  Ultra-Premium extra-virgin olive oils are the freshest and finest olive oils in the world today.  They are made from the very best oil olives like Arbosana, Arbequina and Koroneiki.  At Olivino, you can sample the pure olive oils to find your favorites, or try one of the flavored varieties.  They offer both fused olive oils, which are crushed at picking with spices or herbs like rosemary; and infused olive oil, which have herbs or fruit zest blended in afterward.  They also offer samples of foods made with these amazing oils, so you can taste for yourself what a difference an amazing EVOO makes.  A favorite among customers is the blood orange olive oil brownies.  They also offer some non-food products like olive oil lotions, shampoo & conditioners, body wash, soaps, and even candles!

Olivino, St. Charles, MO

Olivino, St. Charles, MO

Olivino is also a great source for the very best balsamic vinegars from Modena, Italy.  This is the home of balsamic vinegar—where it’s been made since the Middle Ages.  Some modern balsamics you’ll find in supermarkets are actually blends of balsamic and wine vinegar with caramel color and sugar added.  Not the balsamic vinegars sold at Olivino; their mellow sweetness and deep color comes from being aged for a minimum of 12 years in a battery of several barrels of successively smaller sizes.  The casks are made of woods like chestnut, cherry, oak, mulberry, ash and juniper, each imparting a different nuance to the vinegar.  No matter which you try, the superior balsamic vinegars you’ll find at Olivino offer a classic velvety mouth-feel with rich, complex flavors.

Olivino, St. Charles, MO

Olivino, St. Charles, MO

Because these vinegars are made using the slow, time-honored process, most have only three grams of sugar per tablespoon.  There are two exceptions in the Olivino line up.  The Aged Vermont Maple Balsamic, the first of its kind, using 100-percent pure maple syrup that’s produced at a small family farm in Vermont, has eight grams of sugar per tablespoon, but then again, it is made from real Vermont maple syrup!  This naturally infused balsamic condimento, like all of Olivino’s others, is caramel color-free, free of added sugar or thickeners, and aged in the wood barrels of the traditional Solera System in Modena, Italy.  This one is an excellent choice to top ice cream!  The other exception is Olivino’s handcrafted artisanal Serrano Honey Vinegar.  This golden elixir is made in the USA with 100–percent pure honey.  It has only six grams of sugar per tablespoon and is also free of sulphites!

In addition to olive oils and vinegars, Olivino also offers specialty foods like local cheeses from Heartland Creamery (Newark, MO) and Milton Creamery (Milton, Iowa), as well as sausage from St. Louis’ Salume Beddu (Named “The Best Salami in the Country” by Forbes Magazine), and artisan candies from Ethereal Confections (Woodstock, IL).  You’ll find gourmet pastas, including gluten free varieties; pestos and sauces; gourmet salts and peppers, tapenades, and stuffed olives.  You’ll also find some accoutrements that make serving your oils and vinegars more fun!  There are popcorn sprayers that let you flavor your snack with delicious, healthy olive oil.  There are also items made from olive tree wood including cutting boards and bowls.  Olivino can also create beautiful gift baskets that are as thoughtful as they are delicious!  They do bridal shower and wedding favors too!

Olivino, St. Charles, MO

Olivino, St. Charles, MO

Coming soon: Wine tastings!  Olivino will soon offer wines from Noboleis Vineyard in Augusta, and regional craft beers too.  Debbie Baker-Oliver also has her own vineyard, Triple 3 Vineyard, near Washington, Missouri.  This is its fourth growing year, so it’s really just getting started, but she’s hoping to one day offer her own wines too.  And while the winery is not yet open to the public, they do host weddings and other special events.

As if tasting while you shop isn’t enough, Olivino is also offering special event tastings.  These are part cooking class and part pop-up dinner!  These are chef led, intimate events for 10 to 12 people.  Visiting chefs will prepare simple, wholesome, and delicious foods using the oils, vinegars, and other ingredients found at Olivino.  So these are meals diners will be able to go home and prepare for themselves too!  Diners will also learn about the health benefits of olive oil and the best ways to use the products in cooking and baking.  The dinners will include wine and beer pairings as appropriate.  There will be special theme nights, like “Date Night,” “Girls Night Out,” “Making Veggies Kids will Love,” and others.  Guests can reserve a spot in the demonstration dinner they choose, or book a private event for a birthday, bridal shower, corporate outing, or social club gathering.

Olivino is open for tasting and shopping Monday – Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Friday – Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Sunday hours will expand as the weather warms!)  The sampling at Olivino is more than your standard dribble of oil on bread.  Try some balsamic on ice cream, or extra-virgin olive oil infused brownies.  This is the place to come, taste, and learn about these exquisite culinary essentials from a knowledgeable and helpful staff that are all too happy to share their love of fine flavorings with you.  A complimentary tasting at Olivino is sure to be flavorful, and it may just change the way you define deliciousness.

Contact information:

Olivino Tasting Bar
Owner: Debbie Baker-Oliver
1650 Beale Street #167
(Streets of St. Charles)
St. Charles, MO 63303
Phone: (636) 757-5455

Facebook Page

Padavan’s NY in New Town

Padavan’s NY in New Town - St. Charles, MO

Authentic New York Pizza & Pinball Lounge – Padavan’s NY

ST. CHARLES, MO/February 25, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) Padavan’s NY – Located in the center of New Town in St. Charles, Padavan’s NY serves up creative cuisine and authentic New York Pizza. Brothers, Owner Greg Padavan and Executive Chef Mark Padavan who are natives of Westhampton Beach, NY, brought their award winning pizza to New Town in 2009 and continue to generate the culinary accolades for not only their signature pizza but for their other culinary creations as well.  Padavan’s menu features traditional sports bar favorites such as steaks, fish and chips, creative burgers, Golden-Guinness Chicken Strips, NY Buffalo Wings (Three-time Wing Ding Award Winner), Quesadillas, sandwiches, wraps including the Burgerdog (their famous hamburger with Lettuce, tomato onion, cheese and chipotle mayo in a wrap), John’s Philly Cheese Steak, salads, soups, and so much more.

The eclectic Entrée menu includes a traditional American and world fusion of flavors and is the creation of Executive Chef Mark Padavan.  Mark perfected his culinary roots in Italy and in Paris, France where he studied at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu and learned his French and Italian techniques from some of the most famous chefs in the world.  Such inspired specialties include Penne Alla Vodka (A 150 year-old family recipe that he learned directly from the world famous Chef Lorenzo Delmichi while studying in Italy.  The exquisite dish features Roma tomatoes, red onions, fresh basil & Bacon finished with cream & Absolute Vodka sauce); Gorgonzola Crusted Chicken (All white meat chicken breast sautéed in oil & garlic, smothered in sautéed mushrooms, covered in a decadent Gorgonzola, then browned to a melted cheesy perfection); Chef Mark’s popular spin on Chicken Cordon Bleu (Grilled chicken breast topped with Ham, Bacon and Swiss cheese served on the best Pretzel Bun in St. Louis); and The Padavan (a signature sushi roll with crab, cream cheese, avocado, tempura dipped, deep fried, top with massago & eel sauce).

Topping the Dessert menu includes the “Pada-fan” favorites such as Deep Fried Oreo Cookies, Chocolate Volcano Bistro Cake, NY Cheesecake Bistro Cake, and the Root Beer Float.  Their kid’s menu offers something yummy for even the pickiest kiddo pallet.

Padavan’s is a staple eatery for the New Town regulars and is an entertaining foodie destination for fun seekers.  The venue celebrates the family fun year round as their prime location is at New Town’s Volleyball courts.  “We’ve been a round since 2009 and we’re always expanding and appreciate the support from the New Town residents and neighbors.  We love this location!” says Padavan’s manager Grady Wilson.  The restaurant expanded adding the highly anticipated state of the art Pinball lounge.  “The games, which are still hand-made, are well maintained and include a nice rotating mix of the newest games available as well as a couple of vintage collector quality games of yester year, “ says Brian Brannon, Owner and Operator of the games.  “What makes pinball so special is that the games can be played by any age.  I’ve seen three-year olds to people in their Nineties playing.  Greg Padavan is a pinball enthusiast and you can see that in the way the lounge is constructed with indirect lighting and USB connections, and the way he interacts with the customers,” adds Bannon, IFPA State Championships Representative.  On Tuesday nights the lounge is host to Pinball leagues and is the host venue for the regional IFPA (International Flipper Bin Ball Association) Championship tournaments.  In fact one of the local league players, Chris Basler is the reigning state champion and will represent Missouri in the IFPA National championships held in Dallas Texas in March 2017.

During warm weather, In addition to the exciting volleyball league action in front of the Restaurant, live entertainment can be enjoyed on Padavan’s festive patio.  An ample selection of Spirits, Draft (including the first Guinness Counter Mount in St. Louis), Bottled Beer, Wines and innovative Martinis are available to kick up the party for any occasion.  Padavan’s NY is more than a restaurant.  It’s a destination.

Padavan’s NY & Pinball Lounge

3249 Rue Royale # 1

New Town, St. Charles, MO 63301

Phone: (636) 947-6969

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday – Friday (5:00 PM – 1:30 AM)
Saturday (4:00 PM – 1:30 AM/Beginning March, 2017: 11:00 AM – 1:30 AM)
Sunday (10:00 AM – 12:00 AM)

St. Charles to get a First Watch location

new First Watch location

ST. CHARLES, MO/February 4, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) First Watch is a University City, Florida based restaurant franchise that is known for their breakfast, brunch and lunch.  They were founded in 1983.

Unconfirmed reports say that the St. Charles First Watch location will be near I-70 and Fifth Street with approximately 3,300 square feet.  Lease is provided by Cullinan Properties.

While First Watch has not provided any details about the lease sources suggest that lease price in the area run approximately $12 to $14.  According to their website they offer 9 locations across the St. Louis area.

According to First Watch website they use the finest ingredients to create the freshest taste.  They do not use warmers or deep fryers and everything is made to order.

First Watch has more than 195 locations around the country and operate other brands such as The Egg & I, The Good Egg and Bread & Company and operate in 26 states.

First Watch recently opened in the Town and Country, MO area, which we wrote about on October 1st, 2016.  The Town and Country location is located at 1130 Town and Country Crossing Drive, Town & Country, MO 63017.

For more information contact:

First Watch

8027 Cooper Creek Blvd, #103

University Park, FL 34201

Phone: (941) 907-9800

The Crooked Tree Coffee House in St. Charles, Missouri

The Crooked Tree Coffee House

Honoring the local folklore with endless flavors…The Crooked Tree Coffee House

ST CHARLES, MO/January 8, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) The Crooked Tree Coffee House – Just a moment away from historic Frenchtown located on First Capitol in St. Charles is the Crooked Tree Coffee House.  The family owned and operated coffee café is deeply rooted with local folklore.  In fact the famous “crooked tree” at the corner of First Capitol and Kingshighway on the Lindenwood University campus inspires the venue’s name.  Legend has it that a great and compassionate Indian chief was laid to rest under that catalpa tree.  The tree was so saddened at his passing that it bowed over his grave, never to stand straight again.

Today the Crooked Tree Coffee Shop brews up the perks with an abundance of creative flavors.  From the moment you walk into the building with its high ornate ceilings and a softly lit laid back atmosphere, your senses will be welcomed by warm aromas of freshly baked goods and seven different pots of brewed coffee to chose from including an ever-changing line up of coffees of origins, flavored coffees both flavored and house decaf coffee… And get this, drink as many cups of the featured daily seven fresh brews as you want while you’re there with the Red Cup Special.  And the barista will help you explore the many different Espresso drinks such as Café Mocha, Café Americano, and a foamy Cappuccino; Specialty Lattes, such as the Café Calcutta, Tuxedo Junction, Praline Panther.  And for special diets, they also brew up Almond Milk and Soy Milk Lattes as well such a Soy Boy, Almond Roca Mocha.  And for those who like their coffees chillin’ try their Chillaz creations such as Snicker Bar, Raspberry Cream, Carmel Cloud or Banana Gorilla.  There’s also a nice selection of non-coffee drinks including Italian Sodas, home made Lemonade, tangy fruit Smoothies, and specialty Hot Teas such as Chai Te Latte, Treasure Island Spice Chai, Choco Chia.

Not only is this neighborhood gathering spot popular for their brews, The Crooked Tree is noted for great food with a full breakfast menu which offers a mix of creative favorites including Cinnamon Crusted French Toast, Breakfast Quesadilla, Greek Egg White Omelets, Louisiana Praline Pancakes, and a variety of gourmet crepes, and the popular Spin Veggie Breakfast Sandwich.  Their lunch menu features their in-house Vegetable Quiche, French Onion Soup, salads, wraps and sandwiches.  And if you prefer a sweet tooth indulgence, their bakery case is always stocked with home made fresh sweet breads, scones and their trademark, chocolate brownie pie.

The inviting intimate atmosphere includes tables to meet up with a friend, power up with a hot breakfast, or to enjoy a lunch break, or to study with free WiFi and ample power outlets.  There’s also a cozy library cove with an inviting couch and comfy reading chairs, plus a stack of board games, and a music corner with an upright piano and guitar, which occasionally inspires impromptu sing-a-longs.  It’s no wonder that this is a popular place for the locals, a nice surprise for tourists and a home away from home for college students.

The Crooked Tree House
559 First Capitol
St. Charles, MO 63301
Phone: (636) 669-5282


Picture courtesy of Arch City Homes


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Hendricks BBQ & Moonshine Blues Bar

Hendricks BBQ & Moonshine Blues Bar

BBQ, Flying Pigs, Blues & Moonshine @ Hendricks BBQ

ST CHARLES, MO/January 7, 2016 (STLRestaurant.News) Located on Main Street In the Historic French Town’s 1920 St. Charles Waterworks building, is home to the flourishing Hendricks BBQ and Moonshine Blues Bar.  Co-Owners/Developers Dr. Gurpreet Padda and Ami Grimes love old buildings.  In fact they consider themselves the “Patron Saints of Lost Real Estate Causes.”  Their passion for turning around old buildings while preserving their magic is evident with this near century old St. Charles landmark.  Every inch of the 17,000 square foot venue’s rehab was designed to tell a story turning recycled materials into art.  “We’ve embraced the rustic concrete of our history home and added soft lights, reclaimed wood, and bright, hand painted murals in order to create that classic blues atmosphere,” state the visionary developers.  Much of the wood details and custom furniture throughout the restaurant and in the Moonshine Blues Bar was made with re-purposed wood that came from torn down old barns in France.  Even a vintage Piggly Wiggly sign gets a new life with a lit up sign made out of cans that spell “Eat BBQ.”  And speaking of pigs, look up and you’ll see sculpted flying pigs suspended high from the rafters.  Much of their design elements came from the owner’s travels.  It was in New Orleans where they commissioned artists Peter Woods (artist for the Doobie Brothers World Gone Crazy album cover) and Josephine Wallace to create artwork portraits of blues greats, and paint colorful murals which embody the spirit of the Blues throughout the restaurant and downstairs blues club.

Hendricks BBQ & Moonshine Blues Bar

Hendricks BBQ & Moonshine Blues Bar

Dr. Padda and Ami Grimes also traveled cross-country tasting the best BBQ in regions known for their authentic BBQ to help them create their own fusion of flavors yet honor the St. Louis style BBQ with meats smoked in-house all day long with a flavorful dry rub, that stand on their own without any BBQ sauce.  They do have a variety of BBQ sauces to choose from should you still want to sauce it up.  Their research paid off as Hendricks BBQ was featured as one of the 8 Restaurants to Try in St. Louis, the coveted Winner of the Taste of St. Louis Chef Battle Royale, the Open Table Diners’ Choice Award, and is a consecutive recipient for the Best of Mid River’s Award for Best BBQ.

All of their food is made-in-house fresh daily with organic produce, fruit, dairy and proteins locally sourced from Foundations Farms in Belleville, IL.  An impressive menu of fifteen made-from-scratch “Fixin’s” sides include Sweet Potato Casserole, Creamed Spinach, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, BBQ Baked Beans, Sweet Potato Fires, French Fries, Bacon Braised Greens, Cheddar Grits, Corn Casserole, Macaroni & Cheese, Green Beans, Fried Potatoes, Salt Baked Potato, Mashed Potatoes and Country Gravy.  Their bread baskets include a choice of house made Sweet Yeast Rolls, Corn Bread, and warm Buttermilk Flakey Biscuits that are made fresh to order and are served with spice & sweet honey Tobasco sauce, Foundations Farms honey butter and seasonal jam.

Starters include Smokehouse Chili (smoked brisket, fresh vegetables, beans and special spices), BBQ Nachos, Fresh Cut Chips, Hush Puppies, Shrimp & Grits, Fried Green Tomatoes, Pork Cracklin’s, Pulled Pork Turnovers, Deviled Eggs, and more. Sandwiches served on bakery fresh bread include Brisket Philly, Smoked Brisket, Pastrami, Burgers, Chicken in a Biscuit, Smoked Pulled Pork, Turkey Club, BLGT, Veggie Burger, Grilled Chicken, a variety of salads including their most requested, a Seven-Layer Salad and a BBQ Cobb Salad.  Other menu selections include made-from-scratch comfort foods like country fried chicken, meatloaf & chicken n’ dumplings, desserts using authentic family recipes & down home southern hospitality.

And what would be that down home southern hospitality be without the Moonshine and flowing spirits.  The restaurant features many specialty cocktails.  The Moonshine Blues Bar offers dozens of craft beers, over 125 different whiskeys, ranging from 23 year old bourbons to moonshine straight from the still.

On weekends, enjoy some of the best blues, soul, rockabilly, and swing musicians around the country as they light up the Moonshine Blues Bar stage.

During warm weather, outside patio dining over looking the picturesque Katy Trail is a popular meet up spot.  Hendricks also has a private upstairs loft space available for special events and private rentals.  Both the restaurant and the Moonshine Blues Bar are available for weddings and special event rentals.

Tickets are available now for their Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two on February 14, 2017 (6:00 pm – 8:30 pm) in the Private Loft at Hendricks BBQ.  The package includes: Choice of One Appetizer for Two: Smoked Shrimp Cocktail, Smoked Salmon and Herbed Goat Cheese Crostini, OR Pulled Pork Tostones; Two Choice of: House Salad, Caesar Salad, OR cup of potato leek soup; Two 8oz Certified Angus Beef Strip Steaks with Cheddar Grits and Grilled Asparagus; Cherry-Liqueur-Filled Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting Pairs with One Bottle Wine Choice of House Red or White.  The 2017 Valentine’s Day package is only $75 per couple.

Hendricks BBQ

200 S. Main Street

St. Charles, MO 63301

Phone: (636) 724-8600

Parking is available on the street and an expansive parking lot is located directly behind the restaurant.


Mondays: 11:00am-9:00pm
Tuesdays: 11:00am-9:00pm
Wednesdays: 11:00am-9:00pm
Thursdays: 11:00am-9:00pm
Fridays: 11:00am-10:00pm + late bar hours!
Saturdays: 11:00am-10:00pm + late bar hours!
Sundays: 11:00am-9:00pm

Bar open late until 1:30am on Friday & Saturday
Moonshine Blues Bar


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Step Back in Time at St. Charles Christmas Traditions

St. Charles Christmas Traditions

St. Charles Christmas Traditions

St. Charles, MO/December 19, 2016 (STLRestaurant.News) St. Charles Christmas Traditions – Through December 24th, visitors to historic St. Charles Main Street will be transported back in time to visit, among others, Santas from the American Frontier, Civil War and Victorian Ages.  Literary characters such as Ebenezer Scrooge and Tiny Tim also roam the cobblestone streets in costume, interacting with visitors.  There are approximately 50 character actors during Christmas Traditions.  They are easy to spot due to the crowds surrounding them up and down Main Street while they share their stories and origins.

Some of the characters, like Jack Frost, enjoy interacting and teasing guests. On the opposite side, The Nutcracker comes to life with the sweet Sugar Plum Fairy (always a fan favorite).  Children line up to laugh with these characters and photo opportunities abound.

The annual month long festival has become a family event with many extended families coming back every year to collect characters’ trading cards. Christmas Tradition weekends find revelers of all ages shopping and watching the daily parade of characters.  This year, music is everywhere as Victorian carolers sing traditional Christmas tunes along with traveling quartets specializing in the popular holiday songs of the past.

Just past the brick Main Street, along the Missouri River, is Frontier Park’s Katy Depot.  The retired train station serves as Santa’s Cottage.  Inside, visitors can check out an amazing model train display as they wait to visit and take photos with Santa Claus.

This year, visitors can enjoy marshmallow roasting with the legends of Christmas on Friday Evenings and Sunday caroling at the Kister Park Gazebo.  The shops of Main Street shine in their seasonal splendor and vendors sell everything from cookies to kettle corn for shoppers and revelers to enjoy.  This is the final week for 2016 Christmas Traditions so don’t miss out on this unique and fun family event.


Contributing Editor: Kimberly Lowell


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Tucanos Brazilian Grill Serves up the Festival

Tucanos Brazilian Grill, St. Charles, MO

St. Louis, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) Atmosphere on every level is what you’ll find at Tucanos Brazilian Grill.  From the moment you walk through the door you’re transported a South American culinary festival.  The festive textures and colors are infused everywhere from the interior design into the culinary creations.  Even the servers make it a colorful dining experience.  It’s not only a festival for the eyes but also a feast for the pallet.

Tucanos is famous for serving up Churrasco style dining where unlimited fresh seasoned grilled meats, vegetables and grilled pineapple are continually brought directly to your table and carved directly onto your plate, until you signal “Enough” or “enough for now.”

Flavorful Beef selections include Picanha-Top Sirloin, Fraldinha-Beef Tender, Picalho-Garlic Parmesan Beef, Assado-Marinated Beef Brisket Carne Marinada, Alcotra Con Bacon-Center Cut Sirloin Wrapped in Bacon.  Scrumpious Pork selections include Linguiça-Brazilian Sausage, Presunto-Brown Sugar-glazed Ham and Lombo-Pork Loin.   Zesty Poultry selections include Poultry: Peru-Turkey wrapped in Bacon, Contra Coxa and Coração de Frango.

The Brazilian feast also boasts their famous Festival of Salads, which features both Brazilian and American specialties providing something for everyone including the pickiest pallet.  Festival selections include the Tucanos House Salad, hearts of palm, shrimp, seasonal fruit selections, fresh mozzarella, quail eggs and many other items.  Hot selections such as seasoned rice, pastas, potatoes, stroganoff, feijoada (a traditional black bean stew) and freshly made soups including lobster bisque.

Unforgettable appetizers, specialty skewers and rich desserts, which are not included in the All-you-can-eat Brazilian festival fare, however are worth the taste.  Skewers include: Shrimp, Center Cut Sirloin wrapped in Bacon, Sea Scallops skewers and Lobster.  Inspired appetizers include the Taste of Brazil (A tour of Brazilian treats); Onion Tropical (seasoned sweet onion straws with a wild mango dipping sauce), Calamari, Brazilian Buffalo Wings, and for the foodie who just can’t go without their feeding their Nachos crave, yes Tucano’s offers Nachos Brasileiros (Nachos with a Tucanos Twist).

Tucanos offers an eclectic dessert menu and includes Crème Broulèe, Purdim de Leite (Brazilian Flan, richer and creamier than a traditional flan.) Fruit Creams (a smooth blend of any of fresh fruit purees & vanilla ice cream), Torre Chocolate (a decadent tower of chocolate cake), Broulèe Cheesecake (a home-made rich and creamy baked cheesecake, glazed in a luscious crème and raspberry sauce.)

And what would a festival without the specialty drinks, expect plenty of fruity Brazilian inspired liquids that can put you into the festive spirit quickly at Tucanos.

Tucanos Brazilian Grill

1520 S 5th Street, #100

St. Charles, MO 63303

Phone: (636) 724-4499

Contributing Editor: Jacqui Poor

Jacqui is a multiple Emmy award winning journalist, television producer, writer, director and voice over talent.  She’s earned thirteen Emmy Awards, forty-two Emmy Nominations, fifty-three Telly Awards, and two Aurora Awards.  Jacqui currently produces feature stories, short documentaries and live educational interactive simulcast specials for HEC-TV.  As a writer/director, three of her short documentaries were featured in the St. Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase.  During the Fall semesters, Jacqui is a guest expert for Washington University’s Denise Ward Brown grant funded, Tale of Two Cities: Documenting Our Divide film-making class. Jacqui has also penned numerous articles and stories for magazines and Journal publications.  Facebook