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Joanie’s Pizzeria in Soulard Has a New Pizza Proprietor

Joanie’s To Go, Joanie’s Pizzeria been Soulard sensation for over 20 years

Joanie’s Pizzeria in Soulard Has New Proprietor

ST. LOUIS, MO/June 06, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) – Joanie’s Pizzeria (JP) has been a Soulard sensation for over 20 years.  Ready to take on new challenges and embark on a somewhat “normal” life Joanie Thomas, owner of Joanie’s Pizzeria has “passed the pie “.  Jeff Schneider, a veteran manager of Joanie’s has taken over the reins of this prolific pizzeria while Joanie still in charge of Joanie’s To Go (JTG).

Jeff has been a manager at Joanie’s for five years.  It has been a personal goal of his to own a bar by his 40th birthday.  Taking over ownership of the restaurant at 39, Jeff is poised to carry on a legacy 20 years in the making.

Not only will he be taking over a Soulard pizza landmark, Schneider has lived in Soulard for over 10 years and has taken an active role in the betterment of the community.

Joanie's Pizzeria in Soulard Has a New Pizza Proprietor

Joanie’s Pizzeria in Soulard Has a New Pizza Proprietor (Picture property of St. Louis Media, LLC)

She may be passing the pie, but that doesn’t mean Joanie will be leaving the Joanie’s Pizzeria family.  Joanie says she will still be around for the near future.  Schneider plans on using Joanie as a sounding board for advice on some of his future plans.  The two have developed a close relationship. Schneider says he thinks of Joanie as his big sister.  Joanie will still be in charge of Joanie’s To Go, a catering offshoot of the pizzeria specializing in delivered catering, residential & business carryout and delivery.

Joanie Thomas is Soulard born and bred.  She grew up just blocks from the pizzeria.  Joanie thinks of herself as a “city girl”, having grown up in McKinley Heights and being a graduate of St. Anthony’s of Padua High School.  The secret to Joanie’s success is her recipes. Joanie and her friend, Jim Russell worked together to create the renowned pizza recipes.

Joanie would like to thank all of the customers that have become part of the Joanie’s Pizzeria family.  According to Joanie, without them, Joanie’s Pizzeria would not have been the success and neighborhood land mark it now is.

The change of ownership became official in May 2015.  Although ownership has changed, Joanie’s famous recipes have remained the same.  As manager, Schneider created several popular specials.  Those specials are going to remain in place.  The one change he has made was to develop more of a late-night crowd.  He just had a brand new Patio Bar built for the 2017 Patio Season.  The Grand Opening was Sunday, June 4th.

Joanie’s To Go
804 Russell Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63104
Phone: (314) 865-5800

Tour de Fat Will Bring Beer, Music & Merriment to Soulard

Tour de Fat Will Bring Beer, Music & Merriment to Soulard

Annual Festival Will Raise Money for Soulard Preservationists

St. Louis, MO/May 31, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) – St. Louis music and beer lovers are getting ready for one of the more unique beer-music festivals of the year, the Tour de Fat beer, music, and bike festival.  The annual multi-city event is part concert, part beer festival, and part cirque and fundraiser, created by New Belgium Brewing and named for its popular Fat Tire Belgian Style Ale.  The festival features a variety of performers, performance art, bicycles, beer, and costumed revelers.

The traveling philanthropic festival will come to St. Louis on June 10th as part of its 33-city 2017 season.  Dozens of nationally-known bands and performers will be perform in different cities across America.  Nick Waterhouse will headline the festival in St. Louis.  In addition to the headline act, a touring ensemble of artists, cirque performers, and others will appear alongside local street performers. St. Louis audiences can expect to see some vaudeville acts, magicians, comedians, and the like.  Costumes are highly encouraged at this raucous party.

Since its inception in 2000, the Tour de Fat has partnered with local nonprofits in the host cities.  The tour, put on by New Belgium Brewing, has raised more than $4.5 million to support local causes.  In St. Louis, Tour de Fat will benefit the Soulard Restoration Group.  A 501c3 non-profit, all-volunteer community organization, the Soulard Restoration Group is dedicated to fostering community improvement, civic pride, encouraging restoration, beautification, and reestablishment of public areas in the Soulard Historic District.

The 2017 Tour de Fat St. Louis will be June 10th from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Soulard Market Park, 730 Carroll Street, St. Louis.  Tickets are available online through the Tour de Fat website (http://www.newbelgium.com/events/tour-de-fat/city/st-louis), but they can also be purchased on the day of the event.  The box office will open at noon. General admission tickets, as well as those for ADA patrons are $25.  Tour de Fat is a fully accessible event, fully navigable for people with mobility disabilities.  Accessible viewing areas will be made available to ADA patrons who may need to see above the crowd.  Tour de Fat St. Louis is an all-ages show. Kids 12 and under are free!

The 1860s Saloon Parking Lot Miracle

The 1860s Saloon Parking Lot Miracle – STLRestaurant.News

ST. LOUIS, MO/May 17, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) After deciding that he wanted a larger bar with a restaurant, original 1860’s owner Richard Marion realized he would need more parking.  He looked across the street and saw two vacant lots with an old relic of a house between them.  It was brick and painted bright orange.  It was referred to in the neighborhood as the Pumpkin House.  Richard bought all three properties with the idea of razing the Pumpkin House and making one nice parking lot.

With due diligence in mind, Richard went down to City Hall to get a permit to tear down the Pumpkin House.  But, unbeknownst to him, the Pumpkin House was considered a historic property and could not be razed.

The city’s Heritage Committee informed Richard that his only option was to restore the property.  Begrudgingly, he agreed to do so and hired local Soulard carpenters to begin gutting the building so it could be restored.  This work seemed to take a long time with not much getting done, until one hot summer day the weather forecasters were predicting a sever storm coming through St. Louis during the night.  Apparently Richard wanted to secure the building because he had a large crew working in it that day and they seemed to be doing a lot of sawing, hammering and removing of a lot of large timbers.

Well, as luck would have it, the heavy rain and windstorm did come through St. Louis that night, and, like the big bad wolf, it blew the Pumpkin House down.  Richard called the city’s Building Commission to report the catastrophe and they had no choice but to declare the building a public hazard and that it needed to be torn down.

Out of the bad luck Richard saw the bright side and built his parking lot.  Some seem to recall him saying, “Mother Nature was good to me that day.”  And rumor has it that he toasted Her with a shot of Jager and called it the Soulard carpenters’ miracle.

This is installment 2 of 3.  Installment 1 was The 1860 Saloon Building History.  Stay tuned for Installment 3, 1860’s Ghosts, Legends and Myths


Location: 822 – 826 Geyer Ave., Soulard


Contributing Editor: Tom Gullickson

1860 Saloon Building History

1860 Saloon Building History

1858 – 1860 South Ninth Street in the Soulard neighborhood

St. Louis, MO/April 15, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) The original building was built in the late 1800’s as a two-family town house with two separate entrances (1858 – 1860 S. 9th St.).  In the early 1900’s the south side residence was converted to commercial space with the north side preserved as the living quarters for the commercial space proprietors.

Over the years the commercial side of the building has been a bakery, butcher shop, confectionery, and, in the 1960’s, a storefront church.  The two spaces were eventually made into one space and became a tavern.  The attached picture was during this time period.

In early 1980’s Richard Marion bought the building for $15,000; changed the front entrance to one door and the name to Marion’s 1860’s Tavern.  The inside remodel included the addition of a stairway to the second floor (the opening in the ceiling when you walk in the 1860’s Saloon front door is where the stairway was located), the historic back bar and the vintage Budweiser neon sign.  The tavern did not have food at this time.

In 1989, what is currently the Game Room was added with a full kitchen.  The exposed beams are from old railroad tresses, which were dismantled in the 1970’s and 80’s when the railroads were in decline.  When this room was finished the tavern’s name was changed to 1860’s Hardshell Café & Bar.

In 1992 construction began on what was to be a garden area on the east end of the building.  Original plans called for an open-air building without a roof.  By the time the project was finished there was a plastic roof along with weather-proof doors and windows.  A unique feature is that the concrete floor was installed with heat pipes underneath so the snow and ice would melt off when bad weather prevailed.  The system is still used today on cold winter nights to heat the floor.  The plastic roof let in a lot of light, but never seemed to keep the rain out.  The roof was replaced in 2013 with beautiful reclaimed wood from an old warehouse in north county.  This space is now called 1860’s Hardshell Café, but the locals still call it “60’s Patio”.

Stay tuned for:

1860’s Parking Lot Miracle
(Installment Two)

1860’s Ghosts, Legends and Myths
(Installment Three)


Author: Tom Gullickson

Soulard Coffee Garden Café

Soulard Coffee Garden Café

Great Coffee, Food & Ambiance Add Up For This Top 10 Spot – Soulard Coffee Garden Café

St. Louis, MO/January 25, 2017 (STLRestaurant.News) – The Soulard neighborhood in South St. Louis is known for its parties (Oktoberfest & Mardi Gras), its bars, and restaurants.  But one of the best-loved coffee shops in St. Louis has been a Soulard mainstay for some 17 years.  It makes sense that folks would seek out a great cup of coffee (and breakfast) after a night of partying.  So when Chef Julie West and her family opened the Soulard Coffee Garden Café at 910 Geyer Ave. in December 1999, it was a natural fit.  The café’s setting is pure Soulard—a brick row house with a lovely garden out back.  The rustic setting and the art gallery on the second floor give the place a bit of a Bohemian vibe, but the food and friendly service make this a comfortable place for everyone.

The café serves breakfast, lunch, and of course, coffee.  It does that so well that customers continue to laud praise on Soulard Coffee Garden, giving it high marks and great reviews.  It’s been a perennial favorite on “Best of” and “Top 10” lists since opening.  Most recently (October 2016) Soulard Coffee Garden was number two on our customer review-based list of the Top 10 Coffee Shops in St. Louis.  But this little coffee shop does more than a good cup of joe.  Soulard Coffee Garden Café is open for breakfast and lunch, Monday – Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and Saturday – Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

At lunchtime you’ll find a nice selection of salads, soups, and sandwiches.  There are weekday lunch specials like Sloppy Joes (Tuesdays) and Fish Tacos (Fridays).  It’s worth a special trip on Wednesdays.  That’s Napoli Pasta Day!  It’s a delicious marriage of chicken, artichoke, sun-dried tomato, and a rich cream sauce with penne pasta.  The daily menu includes a strip steak sandwich done two ways. Both start with a half-pound, aged strip steak.  The regular is stacked with grilled onion, peppers, portabella mushroom, provolone, and horseradish cream on French baguette.  The Tex-Mex is rubbed with Southwestern spice rub, and then topped with melted sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and spicy mayo on five-grain bistro bread. Both are satisfying and delicious.

National Blueberry Pancake Day is this Saturday, January 28th.  It’s a great excuse to head to Soulard Coffee Garden and get what you know you already want: Cornmeal-Blueberry Pancakes.  These are sweet buttermilk-cornmeal pancake strewn with luscious blueberries.  Chef Julie West has said they’re unexpectedly light and fluffy because of the whipped egg whites that are folded into the batter.  They’re served with real butter and real maple syrup, making them an excellent way to celebrate

National Blueberry Pancake Day.  Also on the breakfast menu, you’ll find biscuits and gravy (large, fluffy biscuits and their homemade sausage gravy), French toast made with their signature maple and vanilla batter, the Fab Fruit Bowl (made with fresh, seasonal fruit and served with vanilla yogurt), the Breakfast Parfait (layers of their homemade granola, fresh fruit, and yogurt, served with a muffin or scone), plus a delicious selection of three-egg omelets (including build your own), several takes on Eggs Benedict, and a number of breakfast sandwiches.  There’s sure to be something to go with everyone’s morning coffee!

Soulard Coffee Garden Cafe is also a great place for a smoothie, a snack, or just a cup of coffee (but they have pastries too!).  Beside the regular joe, you’ll also find all the espressos, lattes, and specialty drinks you’d expect at a great coffee shop.  When the weather is nice, the garden is an inviting place to sip your coffee, enjoy a scone, and drink in the ambiance that is the other side of Soulard.

Contact Information:

Soulard Coffee Garden Café
Owner: Chef Julie West & family
910 Geyer Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63104
Phone: (314) 241-1464


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Pieces, The St. Louis Board Bar and Cafe

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) – Soulard does it again, bringing in a unique new bar, Pieces, The St Louis Board Game Bar & Café.  Pieces is a café, bar and casual dining venue featuring a vast library of board games for play.

Arrive as an Adult, Play as a Child, Leave Refreshed!

How many board games you ask?  With a library of over 500 games you can find one that brings out the child in you.  We asked the owners what their favorite game was, Laura’s is Survive: Escape from Atlantis, “I love sabotaging my opponent!”, Ameet’s is Telestrations “I can’t stop laughing when I’m playing that game.”  and James’ is Pandemic “What can I say? I love saving the world.”

Asked why Soulard?  It was a no brainer once they walked into their new space.  The Bar & Café is located at 1535 S 8th Street in Soulard (it is the old Franco’s location) right across from the historic Soulard Farmers Market.  All 3 owners are vegetarians and big foodies.  It was always embedded in their business vision to support local farmers and serve handcrafted menu items made from fresh and local ingredients.

As we were strolling the Market we asked what they liked about it?  “In addition to easily accessible fresh fruits and vegetables, the best attribute of the Soulard Farmers Market is the satisfaction of supporting local businesses, growers and farmers.”

Pieces, The St. Louis Board Game Bar & Cafe Grand Opening goal is December 2016, however, with the paperwork on slow process, they may need to push it to January 2017.  “We are going to do everything in our power to make sure doors open sooner than later.”

So there you have it.  Pieces, The St. Louis Game Bar & Café in Soulard.  Board games, small plates and a full bar.  Arrive as an adult, play as a child and leave refreshed.



Ocktoberfest at Soulard Farmers Market, St. Louis, MO



ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) Oktoberfest at Soulard Farmers Market – Looking for something fun and family friendly to do this weekend?  Check out Oktoberfest at Soulard Farmers Market.

You may have heard that the event was cancelled this year.  However, the Soulard Business Association/Soulard Safety Program along with Mardi Gras Inc. have put together a great event with help from sponsors like Anheuser-Busch, Lohr Distributing and others.  The fun kicks off Friday at 5 with Terry Thompson’s Bavarian Stompers.  The opening ceremony is from 6:30-7:30 and then UberCool German Rock Band takes the stage from 8:30-1130.

Saturday morning things get started with cooking demonstrations by Molly’s in Soulard, Kenerick’s Meat & Catering and The Soulard School from 9:00-11:00.  All the food for the demonstrations will be coming from the vendors inside Soulard Farmers Market.  There will be music and dancing all day long the Good Times Band, Deutschmeister Brass Band, Soulard Blues Band, and many more.

You can’t miss OcTUBAfest from 5:00-6:00p. What’s OcTUBAfest you ask?  The St. Louis Low Brass Collective has gathered low brass musicians of all ages and skill levels to perform.  This event also includes a costume contest and a prize of a Soulard Gift Basket valued at $250.

The VIP tent will host the Wacky Blues Professors from Slovenia Saturday night.  Tickets for the VIP tent are still available for $10 but can also be purchased at the gate.  VIP get you access to the tent, a souvenir mug, German Dancers, Full In/Out Privileges, Porta Potty access (exclusive to VIPS) and vintage Mardi Gras shirts (while supplies last).

This event is a fundraiser for the Soulard Business Association whose mission is to support Soulard Neighborhood business owners by promotion, communication and more.  Soulard Restoration Group which is a Soulard Neighborhood organization that fosters community improvement and encourages restoration and preservation of District property.  The Soulard School who’s mission is to build a warm, welcoming community that serves as an example of the profound and real possibilities of a community dedicated to educating its children.


Soulard Farmers Market

Oktoberfest at Soulard Farmers Market

730 Carroll Street

St. Louis, MO 63104


Pub Crawl in Soulard

Fundraiser Pub Crawl Goes to the Dogs

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) – You’ve heard of take your child to work day, but what about take your dog to the pub day?  Well, in Soulard it’s Saturday, October 22, 2016!  That’s when the Frenchtown Dog Park and Needy Paws Rescue invite dogs and their owners to join them for the 2016 Howl-oween Pup Crawl in Soulard!  Dog owners must be 21 or older to participate in the pup-friendly pub crawl, but there’s no age restriction for the dogs!

The annual event benefits Needy Paws Rescue of St. Louis, which is dedicated to saving animals in high kill shelters and animal control centers as well as strays, regardless of their size or breed.  It also benefits the Frenchtown Dog Park Association, which created and maintains the dog park at South 10th & Emmet Streets in Soulard.  The fully fenced park includes a 1.5 acre grass play area with a small doggy wading pool, water stations and waste stations.

The Frenchtown Dog Park is the launching pad for the Howl-oween Pup Crawl.  Event day registration and the pre-party start at 11 a.m. at the dog park.  Tickets are $35 and can be purchased online via a link on the Frenchtown Dog Park website.  Admission includes free beer at the pre-party, an event T-Shirt (Hoodie option for additional fee), an event Koozie (to keep your cans cold!), an official swag bag full of treats and other goodies, a wristband for drink specials at participating bars.  There will also be attendance prizes!

The pub crawl portion of festivities runs from noon to 5 p.m.  This year’s participating bars include:

  • Molly’s In Soulard at 816 Geyer Ave, St. Louis, (314) 241-6200.  The friendly bar is known for its New Orleans-inspired fare, huge patio and seven bars.
  • International Tap House (iTAP) Soulard at 1711 South 9th Street, St. Louis, (314) 621-4333.  iTAP was named a Top 100 Craft Beer Bar by Drafters Magazine, and with 44 drafts and hundreds varieties bottled beer, it’s not hard to see why.
  • Joanie’s Pizzeria Soulard at 2101 Menard Street, (314) 865-1994.  This is the original Joanie’s location.  They’re known for their iconic pizza, friendly service and gorgeous patio!
  • Great Grizzly Bear at 1027 Geyer Ave, St. Louis, (314) 231-0444.  This is a bar with personality!  Their known for their huge selection of appetizers, including “Grizzly Balls,” spicy balls of cheese and chicken that are deep fried.  They also make fried Twinkies!

The pup crawl will head out from the dog park by noon, and they won’t wait for man nor beast.  In addition to the crawl itself, they’ll raffle off some fabulous prizes for you and your furry friend!  There will also be special prizes for Best Pet Costume and Best Couple Costume (You and your dog that is!).

Event organizers encourage you to dress up your furry friend for a wonderful day of bar crawling in your favorite neighborhood, and they remind you to drink responsibly.

Contact Information:

Frenchtown Dog Park
South 10th & Emmet Streets
Soulard District
St. Louis, MO 63104
Phone: (314) 328-5711


Pub Crawl

Crawler Before You Walk – Pub Crawl

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) – Everybody loves to party in addition to help charity.  St. Louis offers some of the best bars, pubs and restaurants in the city and maybe even in the nation.  Soulard is one of the most historic districts in the city.

Three establishments have announced a Crawl Before You Walk Pub Crawl.  A portion of the funds will go to help the Alzheimer’s Association, St. Louis Young Ambassadors.

On August 13, 2016 starting as early as 3:00 pm.  The cost to participate is $25.00.

  1. Molly’s – T-Shirt Pick-Up will begin at 3:00 pm – call (314) 241-6200
  2. Itap will begin at 5:00 pm – call (314) 621-4333
  3. Carson’s will begin at 7:00 pm – call (314) 436-2707

Be sure to visit to help a worthy cause.  Early Registration is available online at STLCrawlBeforeYouWalk.EventBrite.com

For more information call one of the three establishments and we are certain that they would be happy to help answer all of your questions.  This is a community event that will benefit from local residents support.


Chava’s Mexican Restaurant

Chava’s Mexican Restaurant is Sizzlin in Soulard

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) – The past several years, St. Louis has experienced an explosion of Mexican cuisine, with new restaurants popping up offering, both authentic and modern-day options. But one that continues to please is Chava’s Mexican Restaurant, a corner neighborhood place located at 925 Geyer Ave. in Soulard. The locals love it, voting the restaurant the best Mexican spot in St. Louis. And if you’re a huge Tex-Mex fan, it’s said to possibly be the most coveted place in the area.

If you’re looking for fancy or spicy or glitzy, you’re in the wrong place. It’s a small restaurant with a very straight forward and simple menu. However, if you want large portions of delicious, unique Mexican cuisine and tangy, to die for margaritas, you’re right where you want to be.

In Mexico, the word Chava is a “nick name” for a Guadalajaran native named, Salvador, who happens to be the basis for the restaurant’s recipes. He also happens to have been the owner, Chris Ybarra’s, grandfather. After years of managing other Mexican restaurants, Chris decided it was time to venture out on his own.

Plan on going in with a big appetite, cause you’ll be met with a lavish amount of fresh salsa and tortilla chips to start things off. The fajita platter and its close appetizer cousins, the fajita quesadilla and fajita nachos, are all sizzling-steak standouts. So are the tacos de Guadalajara, flash-fried flour tortillas stuffed with seasoned ground beef, a blend of grated Monterey and Parmesan cheeses, topped off with lettuce, tomato, and onions.

Other favorites are the vegetable quesadilla, overflowing with carrots, zucchini, green beans, onions, baby corn and red, yellow and green peppers, and the fish taco, which has won praise from many local food critics and fish-lovers alike! You can also Build A Burrito by starting with a warm 13 inch flour tortilla layered with refried beans and cheese, and then choosing your own add-on favorites.

For severe gluten allergies, there’s plenty on the menu to choose from. Food portions are quite generous so be prepared to take some home. And saving the best for last… just specify a fresh-fruit margarita and choose from ten different flavors. Word has it the frozen mango margarita is especially exceptional and just perfect for an afternoon on the patio. Whether you stop in for lunch or dinner, are on a date or just hanging out with friends, check out Chava’s…you won’t be disappointed.

Chava’s Mexican Restaurant -925 Geyer Ave, St. Louis, MO 63104

Contributing Editor: Kara Savio