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National Restaurant Association (NRA) Update

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) – The National Restaurant Association has released their new video updating the public on the restaurants industry and its performance.  We consider this information to be among the most reliable information in the industry.  We encourage all restaurant owners/managers to join and rely on this historic association.  They offer many valuable resources to their members and the public.  Additionally, they offer discounts and great resources to help restaurant owners and mangers operate their establishments.  The national association has state partners that they rely on for local support.  In Missouri it is the National Restaurant Association.

The NRA supports more than 500,000 members making them one of the largest associations in the world.  They present awards such as Faces of Diversity, American Dream Award and the Restaurant Neighbor Award.  The U.S. restaurant industry is said to employ more than 13 million employees throughout an estimated 1 million business locations in the U.S.  The access to information makes them a priceless resource for restaurateurs.

To learn more About the NRA visit their website or visit the MRA.

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